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Features Zhukovsky settlement

Zhukovsky village is located in the northern part of Kharkov, and was named after the famous scientist in the field of aerodynamics - Nikolai Zhukovsky. The village is almost entirely lies within the boundaries of the Kiev region, and became famous for the art-hotel "Cosmopolitan". Much of this residential area is built up villas and private sector, and it is a small area of ​​high-rise buildings. On the Academic Astronomical Proskury and streets are full of high-rise buildings that were built during the Soviet period, and in them you can rent an apartment or house for a day for your trip to Kharkiv. Zhukovsky settlement is very well connected to the city center and other administrative units of the city via the tram and trolleybus lines. The peculiarity of this area is also the presence of many sports grounds in the courtyard, where you will also be able to do, if you stop at one of the above ulichek.

Zhukovsky settlement Attractions

Zhukovsky District will be interesting in terms of interest in the first place young people, because there are few historical buildings or monuments, but at the same time a lot of interesting places, such as abandoned military part. The most exciting place is the view of the night city views from an abandoned building located in the area. But along with the extraordinary places in the neighborhood is also a monument to Zhukovsky, an Orthodox church and modern business center. You can rent an apartment for a night or longer on the main traffic artery of the village - Proskury street or other streets, such as Astronomy, street Academica Proskury, Sumy and Belgorod. On have plenty of options from property owners, which can be removed quickly and inexpensively.

Facilities informal housing estate Zhukovsky and its advantages

Zhukovsky settlement is ideal for apartment rent during short trips to Kharkov. After all, here you can find a variety of catering establishments, if you want a quick and inexpensive meal, as well as round the clock pharmacies, shops and supermarkets, and even dry cleaning and shoe repair. There is also a fitness club, swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants and other entertainment facilities that will please many guests of Kharkiv. The site presented so many options of apartments for daily rent houses that you can rent from owners without middlemen and commissions. We also guarantee that all the apartments correspond to photos and descriptions in the announcement, and are genuine.