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Nova house in the village Novozapadnaya

Novozapadnaya village - this is one of the newest districts of Kharkov, which was quite recently applied to the city map. This residential area consists mostly of high-rise apartment buildings that were built no later than ten or twenty years ago. It is in this district, you can remove a good apartment or house for a day for accommodation during the short trip. Removing an apartment in the above area, you can very quickly get to any part of Kharkov, including the city center, in fact quite close to the metro station OS Maselskogo and Moskovsky Prospekt. In addition, there are many trolleybus routes and there is a stop of route taxi. With service can be very easy to find a good apartment from the owner in the village area and rent it for a day or longer. In this electronic resource every day updated ads, and you can definitely find a suitable accommodation among a large variety of real estate.

Savings on daily rent apartments in Kharkiv

Novozapadnaya village is located relatively close to the center, and the daily price of real estate here is quite high. Kharkov itself is an expensive city, so the extra savings and the budget does not hurt here. And the first way to save a decent amount of money, is to use the services of our website to search for and rent housing for a day. With this electronic resource, you can not only find ads for apartments and houses by the owners, but also book them in advance without fees or interest site. But the more you will save in the course of the commission you would pay realtor or real estate agency, and as it is possible to rent an apartment on day and longer without intermediaries, you leave the money itself.

Rent apartments and houses on the lanes Novozapadnaya area

With our electronic resource you can find a comfortable apartment or house, and Novozapadnaya area. In particular, on the streets such as Suvorov, Pipe, Cavalry, Sholokhov, and others. You can rent an apartment for a night at the Alexander Avenue, which leads into the park "Meeting". The park itself lives up to its name, there are a lot of comfortable benches, alleys and picturesque views, which have a joint walks. In addition, removing a house not far from the park, you can start or continue to run in the mornings, even during short trips. On can remove one, two and even three bedroom apartment or even a house of the owners in the area cheaply.