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The Kharkiv massif Pole Pavlovih  for tourists and city visitors

Pavlovo to Paula is not only inhabited massif, but also the historical district of the city which is on the suburb of Kharkiv. From the central part of Pavlovo to Paula it is separated by Sazhin Yar who is a unique landscape within the city. This residential district has received the name in honor of the famous Kharkiv merchant who owned this field in Kharkiv in the nineteenth century, both has almost independently built Pavlov Square and has built up the field. This merchant has opened for one of the first the shop, known in those days in all Ukraine, which was also called "Pavlov' House". Today, it is very developed industrial, cultural and economic residential district with a set of modern housing estates and convenient infrastructure. Pavlov' field has also been described in literary works, such as "To us here to live" Oldi Valentinova. To rent apartment or the house for days around Paul, it is the most convenient to use the website on which owners of real estate publish announcements of daily rent.

Main transport connections of large parts of Kharkiv

The residential district Pavlov' Sex, as well as a set of other inhabited massifs in the city can brag of excellent transport connection not only with the center, but also with other parts of Kharkiv. The largest and wide streets of the field are Lenin Avenue, Akhsarov Street, Sumy, Derevyanko and Klochkovskaya. By means of city visitors can rent on these streets of the apartment by the day from the owner. On our electronic resource you can look through announcements of daily rent of apartments in the residential district of the Field, to add them to the favourites, and also to reserve the pleasant options for the forthcoming trips. provides services in daily rent and booking without intermediaries and without the commissions or percent.  

Sights of the inhabited massif Pavlov

In spite of the fact that the area carries the name the field, it absolutely not empty, and opposite, is filled with various entertaining establishments and sights. In the field there is a station of the rope suspended road which is located at the corner of Otakar Yarosh Street, and also institute of low temperatures which is also often visited by tourists. New Church of the Nativity which can be found on Lenin Avenue has been constructed of cult buildings in the territory of the area in two thousand second. Besides, there are the Kharkiv TV tower and a monument to the Soldier liberator. By means of you will be able to rent apartment or the house for days on each of the specified streets, overlooking interesting sight.