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New houses – the inhabited massif of Kharkiv

The historical region and one of the largest sleeping inhabited massifs in Kharkiv – New houses partially is a part of the Kominternovsky and Frunze administrative regions of Kharkiv. His territory stretches from Moskovsky Avenue in the north and Newton Street to the boulevard of the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet Union in the West and Bogdan Khmelnytsky Boulevard in the east. The area New houses has been adapted and reconstructed from the Selection area which building has begun in the middle of the twentieth century, and took place in two main zones. Modern housing estates of this area are approximately on two hectares of lands which were used before for the agricultural purposes by the Kharkiv selection station. By today's modern and very advanced view of this inhabited massif it is difficult to tell that once it was the rural remote place. Demand for announcements of daily rent of apartments in this territory on the website grows every year, and the residential district expands the sizes. For today on the real estate of it the area which everyone can rent without intermediaries is rather widely presented.

Features of an architectural appearance of one of the newest districts of Kharkiv

New houses also the main feature of this residential district – existence of new constructions and inhabited skyscrapers follows from the name. A distinctive feature of architecture of this area is combinations of five-floor houses and big blocks of housing estates which unite nine or sixteen sections. The most part of the yards and streets are built up with high-rise buildings which help to unload space and to make more room for sports or playgrounds, green territories, beds and other landscape decisions. Thus, to live in this area, even during short-term trips very pleasantly and conveniently. Near at hand establishments of prime necessity: drugstores, shops and stops of public transport, and in too time are where to walk or take a walk with the child.

The most popular inhabited massif for daily rent of apartments

In the residential district of New Houses there is a city Sports palace, a set of monuments, palaces of culture, restaurants and other entertaining establishments. Here cultural and public life of Kharkiv and therefore here daily rent of apartments and houses is so demanded boils. By means of the website it is possible to rent without the commissions the apartment per day or on one longer from the central streets of this inhabited massif, for example, on Moskovsky Avenue or Marshall Zhukov Avenue, and also to reserve housing for the trip in advance.