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Kharkiv airport and its features

In difference from airport terminals in other cities of Ukraine, Kharkiv is within the city, though accepts the international flights round the clock. It is the European air station which is equipped according to the last requirements and standards, "The international airport Kharkiv" is called. He is located at Aeroflotskaya Square, down the street by Romashkina, practically in twelve kilometers from the center. The Kharkiv airport accepts every year more than one million passengers from around the world, and in two thousand eighth it even became a shooting stage, and huge wooden scenery for the movie has been constructed here. To carrying out the European cup on soccer the residential district near the airport has been put in order, roads have been improved here, new supermarkets and drugstores are constructed. And therefore, the cost of daily rent of housing has considerably grown. Cheap to rent for the night apartment or the house near Aeroflotskaya Square, it is the best of all to use the website

Comfortable apartments for tourists

Near the Kharkiv airport it is very convenient to remove housing for short-term tourist and working trips. First, in this area it is also possible to lease the car, to be tonsured, buy products and to find a set of other establishments, important for life. Secondly, in this residential district very favorable traffic intersection therefore it is possible to move quickly around the city by means of public transport. The Kharkiv airport is near Gagarin Avenue – the main transport artery of Kharkiv which connects sleeping residential districts to the center. On the website it is possible to find offers on daily rent on streets Nestorovy, Starting, Aero naval, and also adjacent to the airport avenues and boulevards. We offer the clients the most different announcements from owners cheap.

Inexpensive apartments with the favorable location

To have an opportunity to reach quickly the center as need or any other area, it is the best of all to rent housing on the website We offer announcements of daily rent from owners in the sleeping residential districts of Kharkiv, such as the airport. You can independently contact the owner of real estate via our website and discuss the interesting questions of accommodation, or at once reserve the apartment per day or longer. Near the air station or nearby it is possible to find inexpensive apartments for days with very favorable location in housing estates. And to rent this real estate without intermediaries.