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"Bread Winner" of Kharkiv and its inhabitants

Kharkov Tractor Ordzhonikidze district has a strategic importance for the economy and defense power of Ukraine. This company has more than half a century has been manufacturing tractors and other vehicles. This large plant is located in the village of "Sotsmistechko New Kharkov" in Ordzhonikidze district of the city. This residential area is located in the eastern part of Kharkov, and includes all infrastructure elements that are necessary for normal functioning of the residents of this neighborhood. Neighborhood HTZ was originally designed almost from scratch, and is equipped specifically for the factory workers, with all the accompanying facilities. From the very Tractor Plant residential area separated by dividing a long strip of green space, and many of the houses are completely surrounded by trees. It is in this area a lot of parks, such as "Zaleny gai", Alexander Square, a park named Mayakovsky and others.

Apartments in a residential area on the HTZ site

The area near the Kharkov tractor plant is considered one of the best for daily rent apartments. Firstly, this is possible thanks to the fact that there really can be rented cheap apartment or a house for a day with a good repair, furniture and appliances. Secondly, the area is connected to the rest of the city's urban transport and subway line paths, so for half an hour can easily reach even to the other end of Kharkiv. And, thirdly, HTZ area is very well designed, all houses are located according to the urban plan, there is a hospital, school, wide streets and sidewalks. On can find and remove a good apartment for rent in that area of ​​the home team. We offer not only low prices, but also the reliability of the ads, as well as a large range of properties for rent by the day.

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On site is available with a wide choice of real estate in the area of ​​HTZ, including Mira streets Plitkova, April twelfth, Library, Industrial and many others. If your trip is connected with traveling or simply working at the center, then you every day can quickly get to your destination, settling near the metro station "Proletarian" or "Tractor Plant". In addition, you can rent a house with a view of green space: a large park, the park or the lake, and every morning for a walk on the comely alleys. On can find a suitable option and rent it without intermediaries, and without additional fees in Sotsgorodka area.