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Danilovka – the provincial district of Kharkiv

Big Danilovka is in North east part of the city, and is the area with a big and interesting story. This inhabited massif by and large is built up with low houses which adjoin the district highway. Danilovk's name carries and макрорайон Kharkiv which consists of buildings and private country sector, and the approximate settlement. The population of the inhabited massif makes only five thousand people that is is insignificant in small figure for such denselypopulated city as Kharkiv. On such population is also plus, it is one of the quietest and safe inhabited massifs which is located on the bank of the largest small river of the city – Kharkiv. Danilovka territorially is a part of the Kiev district, and borders on the district road, near settlements and two areas: Pinery and Sand. This inhabited massif can brag of such sights as Sacred Church of the Intercession, the regional House of dolls and the largest forest area in the city.

Advantages of the website to daily rent in Danilovka

By means of the electronic resource everyone can rent apartment or the house for days around Danilovki without intermediaries. On this website the base of announcements is updated every day, and visitors can operate the pleasant options by means of a private office, I reserve real estate in advance, or having contacted owners. Rent apartment per day on Parizhskoy Kommuny Street, Lesya Serdyuka, Pools, Kromsky or Mountain, and you will be able not only to save the personal means, but also to receive comfortable apartments for the period of the short-term trip to Kharkiv. On you all in a couple of minutes will be able to find suitable option of apartments for yourself or the family and to rent it without the commissions from owners.

Transport connection of Danilovka with the center and other districts of the city

In spite of the fact that through Danilovka there don't pass trolleybus lines and there is no metro station, from here it is rather simple to reach to any part of the city. It is possible thanks to the developed system of share taxis which take locals and city visitors to the nearest metro station – Heroes of Work, or to bus station of local value – the Forest park, and also to the most different areas and inhabited massifs. In Big Danilovka it is very favorable to rent apartment or the house for days as here it is possible to find good, but the main thing, inexpensive options directly from owners. And if you have become interested in daily rent of housing in this district, you can study offers on the website