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Unusual estate in Kharkov

Historic Place at the junction of the Leninsky and Oktyabrsky districts called Cold Mountain, and it is not vulgar name, a documented fact. This residential area is bordered on the east by a major railway that leads to the central station Kharkov. There are many myths and legends about the appearance of the names, one of which says about the famous local resident named Frost, who in ancient times lived in this area. But scientists are more inclined to the hypothesis that this place is located on a hill and is always greater than blown by wind, for which he was named Cold Mountain. It is in this district in the nineteenth century lived a famous Russian writer Vissarion Belinsky, who briefly worked in Kharkov. With site visitors can live on the same street where he lived the famous writer, having removed the apartment from the owners for a day. We offer a large variety of ads on apartment rent in the neighborhood Cold Mountain, which you can view and book without commissions.

Features of the location of Cold Mountain

With central part of Kharkiv Cold Mountain Holodnogorsko-connected serial subway line and station Cold Mountain was virtually one of the first metro stations in the city. Previously, this area was completely covered by forests and greenery, but with the development of the city and the infrastructure of the trees had cut down. But to this day in the neighborhood is a large and beautiful park "Youth" in which love to walk, not only tourists but also locals. Attractions Cold Mountain is also possible to note an Orthodox church Ozeryanska church, which is on the street Poltava Way, and is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Kharkov.

Where to stay cheap in Ukraine?

Very often, tourists planning their journey looking for an area with low-cost housing, which would be close to the center. Cold Mountain is such a district in Kharkov, because the residential area almost directly connected to the city center via metro line. With site you can rent an apartment for a day or longer in the street Poltava Path, which also leads directly to the center, or a quieter Elias, Socialist, Holodnogorsko streets, which are also favorable near transport interchanges. We offer an excellent property by the owners, you can not only search and browse on our website, but also a book for their future trips to the area of ​​Cold Mountain.