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Bald Mountain is not a fairy tale, and in Kharkov

Everyone is familiar from childhood this name as Bald Mountain, as the home of various fairy personazhey.No in fact, it's not just a fictional terrain, but also the very real estate Kharkiv city, which is located in the north-western part. This area really has a sublime form, which separates into two peaks ravine called SAVKIN Yar, and it runs one of the main streets of this residential area Verkhneudinsk. From the city center and the main attractions of Bald Mountain is separated by rail, which connects the Azov and Kharkov. Its name, this fabulous estate was due to the high deforestation, which is completely covered this mountain until the early nineteenth century. But the aide, who controlled this mountain is almost completely sold all the wood for the construction of the Assumption Cathedral and other needs, and the mountain almost "bald", and so it began to be called in common. The main attraction of Bald Mountain is by far the Thieves Alley of Fame, which is located on the eighth cemetery.

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Apartments and houses in the night on Bald Mountain

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