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Natural phenomenon - Sarzhin Yar

Among other architectural and cultural monuments of Kharkov, a bright spot highlighted Sarzhin Yar. It is a unique natural monument, which has a national importance and separates Paul's field of Nagorno district, while being in the Dzerzhinsky district. Yar itself is an elongated beam, which has a length of more than a dozen kilometers and has gentle slopes, as well as many sources of mineral water inside. Where you can walk on foot all the family, enjoying the beautiful views of nature, or ride a bike along the paths and trails. In the ravine there are many attractions that are a must visit every tourist who came to Kharkiv. In order to make it convenient to Sarzhin Yar, but at the same time not far from the center, is look for an apartment in the Dzerzhinsk region. This will help you site, which are collected offers of Apartments for rent in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine directly from the owners.

Cultural and natural monuments in Sarzhin Yar

Sarzhin Yar - is first and foremost a unique natural landscape, which was framed by the efforts of the residents and authorities of Kharkiv. Picturesque views of the ravine is very well complements Sarzhin creek and river that flow through the entire city, forming a beam of small lakes and streams, such as the Komsomol Lake. In addition, Sarzhin Yar is the highest and longest in the Kharkov Mountain for skiing, as well as sports facilities and the cable car, you can actively spend time with a group of friends. Therefore, renting an apartment nearby Sarzhin Yar You'll never be bored, and every spare moment can spend for the benefit of themselves and their health. On our site there are many low-cost apartments from owners that can be rented for a night or more without commissions. On You can choose between apartments, which are located close to the ski hill and the metro station, and every day for a walk in the ravine Sarzhin enjoying nature.

Remove apartment near Botanical Garden

In Sarzhin Yar is also a small botanical garden, which also connects to the park ravine Sarzhin them. Gorky. The Botanical Garden was founded in the mid-twentieth century, and now it grows more than a thousand of rare species of trees, shrubs and plants. In addition, near the Botanical Gardens are located the sources of mineral water, which are the hydrological natural monument, as well as Sarzhin baths. Therefore, this place may also be interested in the followers of a healthy lifestyle and nature lovers.