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Apartments for rent Railway station Kharkiv

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Kharkov Train Station - transportation and architectural monument

Kharkov Train Station is not inferior to Kiev and Odessa in terms of the architectural ensemble and the history of creation. The main building was built in one thousand eight hundred and sixty-ninth year, a famous Russian architect - Andrew Ton, and then it was the expansion of the building, modernized and reconstructed. This is due to the active development of the city and increase the inflow of trains. To date, the first thing you see coming to Kharkiv by train, will be the third building of the railway station, which was built after the Second World War, instead of the destroyed during the fighting. Kharkov Train Station is in the Empire style with elements of classicism, it is very beautiful and majestic building, which at first sight strikes the eye. The station is also located in the city center, and you can remove close to the apartment on the day via site. in this area is the famous Cathedral of the Annunciation, as well as many other monuments. Apartments near the train station suitable for both tourists and people who come to Kharkiv for business purposes.

Apartments for rent in the area of ​​the railway station

In almost all major cities of Ukraine, including Kharkiv, the train station is in the city center, in close proximity to all major transport interchanges. Kharkov railway station has a long history and is one of the many attractions of the city. In addition, it is located in the central part of the city, which also has many supermarkets, hospitals, enterprises and the central market. You can rent an apartment on Moskovsky Prospect and Prospect Gagarina, which go directly to the Central Market, the railway station and other points of interest. In search of property in the center of Kharkov you can help email service, where owners of apartments put up ads on the daily rent. Remove the high-quality apartment for a day or longer without intermediaries and commissions through quality service

Apartments near the railway station for tourists

If this is your first time planning a weekend in Kharkov for yourself and your friends, you should first think about your placement. All important sights are in the center of Kharkov, including the railway station, in the center, near metro stations "Malyshev", "Moskovsky Prospect" and "area of ​​the Rebellion." That is why not look for an apartment or house for rent in the center, so as not to waste time on the road and be close to all the important institutions. The site you can find a comfortable apartment for a day or more from owners, no commission and additional interest.