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Apartments for rent Opera and Ballet Theatre . Lysenko Kharkiv

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vulytsia Hoholia 2А

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улица Гоголя 2А

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vulytsia Alchevskykh 20/22

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The cultural symbol of Kharkov - Theatre

Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre NV Lysenko is the first Ukrainian theater that stages plays in all languages ​​of the world. In contrast to Odessa, Lviv and Kyiv theaters, the theater building in Kharkov in modern style, as in the middle of the twentieth century, the previous building, which housed the theater, was found in an emergency. And since the late nineties of the last millennium Kharkiv theater operates in a completely new, post-modern building, which is located on the street Sumy, near the center of the city. The theater has two halls of audience, and before the building area is poetic name - Fountain Square. At first glance, the building of Kharkiv theater is impressive and gives the impression of a fortress, but then small parts adopt the observer attention and impress with their precision. Art lovers who are going to visit Kharkiv, must visit this temple of Melpomene and look at the post modernity, a cultural symbol of Kharkov.

Apartments for rent in the central part of Kharkov

During a short visit to Kharkov, does not necessarily stop at the hotel. In this city, more than enough to offer daily rent apartments from owners, which you can find by visiting site. this electronic resource, you can not only view the ad from the owners, but also to book apartments and houses for a day, or to communicate with the owners on these phones. You can rent an apartment in the city center, for example, with a view of the Opera or Ballet. Lysenko, a day or longer without intermediaries or commissions site. You do not have to contact the real estate agency or a realtor to find a good and affordable apartment because help you in this, not vzymaya fees or interest for their services. You can visit every evening presentation in Kharkiv theater, renting an apartment near it, or to walk on the evening city with his colleagues.

Kharkiv theater - the center of cultural life of the city

Today the repertoire of the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theatre is more than sixty works and performances of opera and ballet for more than ten languages. The theater also encouraged the audience concert programs operatic and ballet troupe, which presented the best artists of Ukraine. Even if you come to Kharkov for a few days, then you have to see a performance in this legendary theater and touch the particle of the city's cultural life. And with You will be able to find and rent a cheap apartment nearby.