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улица Шота Руставели 31

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Московський проспект 27/1

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проспект Юрия Гагарина 43/1

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Metalist - a modern and multi-purpose sports complex

Stadium "Metalist" is a multi-regional significance sports complex, which mainly takes the home matches of the football team of the same name and some of the national team competitions. The complex Metallist "stadium and pavilion is included in the cash register of cultural and national heritage of Ukraine, besides the stadium hosted matches of the European Football Cup, which is organized jointly by Ukraine and Poland. Especially for this event the stadium has been renovated, and the number of seats increased to more than forty thousand. It's really impressive sports facility, which is popularly nicknamed "the spider." This stadium has received the nickname because the canopy over the field does not rely on the rostrum, as in other Ukrainian stadiums, and is located on the steel supports that can withstand an earthquake of eight points.

Apartments for rent near the "Metallist" stadium

Arena "Metallist" located on the street Plekhanov, in Kominternovsky Kharkov region, it is close enough to the city center and the main shopping and entertainment centers. "Metalist" Stadium often takes the matches of the local football club with the other Ukrainian teams, and therefore often come here football fans from all over Ukraine. That is why the demand for daily rent apartments unusually high in the stadium area. In fact, the "Metalist" very convenient location, since it leads to the four exits of the subway "Sports" station, and close to a tram stop and taxis. Here it is convenient to rent an apartment, even if you come to work, not watch the match or concert. You can find cheap rent an apartment from the owners in the area of ​​"Metallist" stadium without intermediaries and commissions on site.

Offer apartment rent near the "Metallist" stadium

On you can find a large number of announcements of daily rent apartments from owners in the "Metallist" stadium area. This location is very advantageous for those who come to Kharkov to work or just relax, because here very close to the center, railway station and other important institutions. But at the same time, during the absence of football matches, it is very quiet and safe area. With You can rent an apartment for a day or more without middlemen and commissions, and save on your accommodation during a short visit to Kharkiv. With can not only remove but also to book an apartment or a house for a day.