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Annunciation Cathedral - the second character of Kharkiv

Many tourists and visitors of the city of Kharkiv learn primarily on its main attractions - Cathedral of the Annunciation. It is the cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which belongs to the Moscow patriarchate. This historical monument is more than four hundred years in its history and was built simultaneously with the Nikolaev and Church of the Nativity. The temple is made in the traditional Ukrainian style churches and has a triangular shape with a freestanding wooden bell tower. The whole temple complex is surrounded by a hurdle fences instead of a metal fence and has a colorful decorative elements. Annunciation Cathedral is located in the center of Kharkov near the central market and the street Poltava Path. It is in this area can be expensive to rent an apartment or a house for a day for a very reasonable price via site. On our site contains the ad directly from the owners, which you can view for free.

Monument of history in the modern center of Kharkov

Compared with other cities of Ukraine such as Lviv and Odessa, Kharkiv does not differ a variety of architectural and cultural attractions. It is a modern and very fast-paced city, the focus of which is on the construction of factories and the best educational institutions. But after two thousand twelfth year of the European Football Cup in Ukraine, Kharkiv increasingly tourists come from Europe and Asia. In fact, between the apartment buildings, business centers and shops hidden wealth of attractions that are open from the first sight of the city, and eventually more. One of the main attractions is the Annunciation Cathedral, which is located near the center and here you can often meet tourists with cameras. On you can find many suggestions about Apartments for rent directly from the owners. With our service you can rent an apartment in the center of Kharkov without intermediaries and commissions.

Orthodox church in the Byzantine style in the heart of Kharkov

Cathedral of the Annunciation is one of the most impressive and massive Orthodox churches in Kharkov, and throughout Ukraine. Its architectural composition intertwined elements of the Byzantine style, and late Baroque, which at the same time reflects the original style of Russian Romanesque churches. Against the background of the Art Nouveau style, around the Cathedral, houses the Annunciation Cathedral looks even more magnificent and extravagant. You can rent an apartment for a day or more with a view of the monument architecture, but at the same time not far from the city center. Our site does not charge a fee for their services and operates without intermediaries.