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Rental of quality real estate in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine

Website Svitrent is worthy of an electronic service that will replace for you any real estate agent or broker. Unlike the latter, here you can see not a couple of options in a single day, and just a couple of hundred hours, and with it, it is in another city.

For each ad offers not only detailed information about the apartments, but also pictures of each room from different angles, so you definitely get the impression that you are seeing all the option with their own eyes. In addition, on this site can only rent without intermediaries and without commission, so each owner of property to take care of his reputation on the site and what image he creates for himself in the eyes of visitors.

In the online mode, you can see the contact details of owners and immediately dial the phone or write an e-mail to the owner several options.

Apartments for rent near the metro Tractor Plant

Twelfth Station Kharkiv Metro is located in the industrial area of ​​the city, which is considered a great place to stop for the night. From this metro station you can in just a few minutes from the central station "Gaspra", "University" or "Science". It is here presented so many options of one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments for a day inexpensive you can rent and not to worry about how to get to a particular point in the city, so as not to leave in two hours.

It has all the necessary infrastructure, and a large park for recreation, playgrounds and shops. On Svitresto has many options of apartments in the metro area "Tractor Plant", among which you can choose the most appropriate both in price and in comfort.

Here you will find many options of luxury apartments with comfortable furnishings and a range of facilities, and economical options with the essentials, which are ideal if you just need to stop for the night.

Options apartments from 150-200 hryvnia per day in Kharkov

No one wants to pay too much, especially when it comes to short-term property rentals. Obviously, if you want to stay in town for two nights or one, then you definitely will not need a jacuzzi, a plasma TV and other luxuries.

In such cases it is best to rent an apartment near the metro station "Tractor Plant" in Kharkov, in fact there are a lot of beautiful and affordable options for single travelers as well as for a large family.