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Pushkinskaya daily rent near the metro

4 offers

500 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Hoholia 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

700 hrn for 1 night

улица Гоголя 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

706 hrn for 1 night

Myronosytska vulytsia 6

rooms: 2 Мест: 2

1059 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Alchevskykh 20/22

rooms: 3 Мест: 6

The best apartments for a day to relax or work in Kharkov

In Kharkov, there is a very large selection of properties for short-term rental, and on site Svitrent you can find with this range. This is a service that can perform many functions, such as quick search, online booking, contact the owner.

You can find inexpensive and agree with the owner of the best discount, or early arrival for myself clean and comfortable one-room or two-room apartment on the day. This is a very convenient way to stay in a comfortable place to stay in such a beautiful city like Kharkiv. Many owners offer their tenants a variety of extras, but you can also find low cost apartments from 99 hryvnia.

And besides, taking shelter from the owners, you will save money, because the rent is performed without intermediaries, and accordingly - without commissions. Keeping half the money from the rent, you can afford to rent an apartment near the station "Pushkinskaya" in the center of Kharkov.

View of the main attractions of Kharkov from the window of your apartment

Even if you come to Kharkov for a few days, that is no reason to save on their accommodation. Moreover, you can find quite affordable option on Pushkinskaya or other central streets. From them, you can walk to the Liberty Square and the Constitution - the main squares, which usually take place all important events.

Among the usual landmarks, you will definitely be surprised, for example, Kharkov cable car, which is routed through the Botanical Garden and comes to Gorky Park. And with the subway Pushkinskaya You can drive to the Children's Railway, which is worth of your attention. And Pushkinskaya street itself is a great monument of architecture, with beautiful buildings in the classical style.

Rooms on the day from the owners and other options inexpensive ways to spend the night in Kharkov

In such a big city like Kharkov incredible demand for short-term rental of apartments and houses. And that is why owners and realtors often inflate property prices, because counting on those people who do not have time to take care of your accommodation in advance and at the last moment are looking for a night.

But thanks Svitrent site, you can book a couple of days before the arrival of apartments for themselves or to rent a room for a day by the owners inexpensive. Or, if you were in Kharkov, then on your phone to open this website and find something suitable