Nauchnaya daily rent near the metro

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850 hrn for 1 night

улица Данилевского 19

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

Luxury apartments in the heart of Kharkov, which can be rented from the owners

With the help of an electronic service Svitresto, you can make cheap to rent an apartment in the center of Kharkov. It is on this site you can online find a flat or a house from the owner, and immediately reserve this property without commissions.

Not far from the station "Science" you will be able to take a walk and find a lot of interesting monuments, such as brooding chimp Serpent Dragon, iron "Zaporozhets," Uncle Chernomor, subway workers, fountain "Salamander" and many other interesting attractions.

That is why many visitors to the city choose this part of town to stay and rent an apartment for a day during a short trip or a longer trip.

Apartments for a day on the Avenue of Science, and near the metro Science

It is not for nothing that avenue of Science got its name because it is a street with practically the largest concentration of higher education institutions not only in the northern capital, but in the whole Ukraine. If you drive through it, you can see the medical, economic universities, as well as the University radioenegretiki.

It is in these schools often held a variety of activities not only to the nature of the training, for which the students come from different parts of the country. And with the help Svitrent site you will find a cozy one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment on the day of the owners in this area, and also inexpensive.

In addition to underground transport in the area also travel trolley buses, taxis and other public vehicles, so you will have a large variety of ways to move from his apartment.

Apartments in the thick of the social life of Kharkov

Science is the central metro station, in terms of its location in the city, since it lies almost in the center.

Here prefer to hire those who appreciate cultural pastime, and are experts in a refined architecture. Rent an apartment near the station "Science" in Kharkov at an affordable price, you can use fast and reliable service Svitrent, which offers its customers the opportunity to rent housing without intermediaries, and without commissions.

You will find here not only luxury apartments, but also room for rent from owners to stay overnight or for the weekend. This economical options are ideal for students who often come to the city for various scientific and social events.