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A comfortable apartment for rent in the metro area Central Market

Even if you are planning a trip to Kharkov just one day, it is still trying to make it as comfortable as possible: pick a suitable time the train to sleep, looking for cheap places to eat, and of course, take care of your accommodation.

The place where you dwell, to visit for one day it is important at the same level as that for travel during the holidays, because here you get enough sleep, bring yourself in order, and will probably take most of the meals. With service Svitresto You can rent an apartment near the Metro Central Market, as this area is perfect for accommodation in Kharkov.

The site has a large range of ads that put the owners themselves, supplementing them with photographs and accurate description. This diversity is reflected in the price range, which means you can book without fees, the apartment at a price of 150-200 hryvnia per day.

Rent one-room or two-room apartment in Kharkov inexpensively?

If you are looking for a property for rent in Kharkov, the site Svitresto will be a very interesting discovery for you. After all, here everyone can find a suite at the affordable price of the host. You can rent a one-room studio or one-bedroom apartment on the day inexpensively in any of the areas of the city, including subway station Central Market.

And if you rent whole apartments you can not afford, you can arrange a person who, inter alia, plans to visit Kharkiv at the same time to share the cost of a place to sleep. But this is a more complex version, because you can just find a room for rent, because these options have a large number of the advertisements in Kharkov.

You yourself can calculate the value of their homes, and to find a more affordable option, especially those rather in Soviet-built homes.

Where to stay overnight in a radius of subway in Kharkov?

If you plan to frequently travel to Kharkov during his stay there that is almost inevitable, since it is a very big city. So you better find for themselves a place to sleep near a road junction, and the fastest means of transport in Kharkov, of course, it is underground.

For example, if you rent an apartment near the South Station market, it can be only a few tens of minutes to get to the center or the business part of the city. In the area of ​​the stop of the subway, in addition, the route passes other public transport, so you will be very mobile.