Apartments for rent Kharkiv

15 offers

600 hrn for 1 night

prospekt Nauky 39

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

599 hrn for 1 night

Матюшенко 7

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

450 hrn for 1 night

улица Шота Руставели 31

rooms: 5 Мест: 16

360 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Rylieieva 26

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

950 hrn for 1 night

Московський проспект 27/1

rooms: 3 Мест: 5

500 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Hoholia 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

850 hrn for 1 night

Банный переулок 2

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

850 hrn for 1 night

улица Данилевского 19

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

700 hrn for 1 night

улица Гоголя 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

1700 hrn for 1 night

Московський проспект 12

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

1100 hrn for 1 night

проспект Юрия Гагарина 43/1

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

706 hrn for 1 night

Myronosytska vulytsia 6

rooms: 2 Мест: 2

600 hrn for 1 night

provulok Vorobiova 9/11

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

671 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Serhiia Yesenina 10

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

1300 hrn for 1 night

Артема ул. 20/22

rooms: 3 Мест: 6

Every person who’s ever traveled knows how important it is to find comfortable and not expensive place to stay during vacation. Therefore large number of tourist prefer Kharkov apartments to most other accommodation variants. Today this city is a megalopolis with a population of more than one and half million people. Each apartment is ready to welcome visitors at any time of day. Despite the fact that with the number of residents the city may seem at first sight “overloaded” , actually this is not so. However, the number of visitors increases every day. You can rent Kharkovapartment for daily rent without problems, using the services of our site. Narrow streets, monuments, fresh air, beautiful parks – this holiday atmosphere will certainly turn every tourist’s head.  Choose daily rent houses and apartments in the center, enjoy deserved and long-awaited rest.

Budget rent apartments in Kharkiv for tourists

We offer to rent an apartment not accidentally, all because we also appreciate traditional quite home atmosphere. If you decide to rent an apartment in Kharkov for rent, you can do this in any area of the city. Apartments for rent are affordable to everyone on our site. If before it was considered that to rent an apartment or house for  short term in Pushkinskaya Street – unaffordable luxury, today many people are convinced of the opposite.  On our site apartments, houses rent and other rentals start from 150 UAH and above – it is reasonable cost by today’s standards. This applies to rooms and one-bedroom apart. You can rent two-, three – bedroom apartment in the center of Kharkov, of course the price will increase but not much. We have opportunity to offer houses in Kharkov Ukraine for those who prefer fresh air and space. In the backyard you can take a sun, make BBQ or enjoy the evening near the fire. Internet is full of ads: “apartments for daily rent in Kharkiv”, “house rental” , but if you care about your safety, it is better to rent a house in safe places. Then you can be sure that your money and your time will not be wasted.

Our website is full of variants of accommodation, while viewing catalogue with apartments in Kharkov for daily rent, it will certainly impress you. If you are going for a session – housing rent Kharkov without intermediaries will become indispensable in the preparation for exams. Here you can take a shower, watch TV, cook food, have rest and good sleep. Choose homes, apartments, houses, flats or rooms inexpensively any time. Choose only the best Kharkov apartments and save your money.