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Housings rent in Kerch at democratic prices

Kerch is included in many lists: one can see it among hero-cities and in the list of ancient cities and it is considered to be one of the best for the rest. Arriving in Kerch you feel like you are an archaeologist. Ancients cities: Myrmēkion, Kitei, Nýmphaion, Panticapaeum and quarries: Bulganakskoe, Bagerovsky and Olivinskie will tell you about the story of this land. Maybe, many people think about philosophical questions and world creation and development, about how world is changing. 

Flats from owners, without middlemen

It is possible to rent a housing during high season - by entering on our site, you will assure, that apartments are astonishing. We have checked and grouped the best offers from owners. 
Announcements from the site are directly from owners, who care about clients’ comfort. Such type of rental is the most reasonable and profitable. It is easy to check: compare prices with those that offer realtors.

Rent a  housing daily through the internet

You have an opportunity to choose small and big flats with convenient bundle and marvellous view. Convenient filter on the site helps you to set parametres that we work up in a  couple of minutes. 
The site is created in a way, so it is easy to find a temporary housing: starting with sizes, ending with commodities. Most variants of rented housings have everything necessary - a place for parking of your auto, air conditioner and television, washing machine and microwave, they also have linen and bath accessories. All descriptions have examples - photos of flats, for a long time or daily. 
It is easy to orientate on our site, there is the main advantage - different prices for rent. Having rented apartments, go to an excursion or beach. There are many nice flats in Kerch, but look at houses. A house by the seaside is the dream of a romantic person, why not to be an owner of such luxury at least for several days? The most important thing for us is that your stay in the city is maximum comfortable, first of all concerning housing. Kerch will welcome you with hospitality and love, but one should prepare to a travel - choose a housing daily and rest with pleasure.