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Boryspil - known not only for all Ukrainians, but also to all visitors to our country, but rather arrives. Boryspil - the main air gate of Ukraine, has a great location, so being in Kiev, why not look here? Or vice versa, waiting plane to another city, you need to stay here, but what to do if the plane is not today? Search for accommodation where you can relax before the next travel, but to decide how it should be. All value and comfort, the hotels do not always meet exactly that. You go in the internet, there are lots of options daily housing at affordable prices. Two minutes - and you have to attach at least a day.

Apartments for rent in any area of ​​the city

Looking at Svitrent is always a chance to find what you want: everything is simple and fast. No waste of time, between the tourist and property owners a direct connection. Yes, you can rent any housing from the owner. This means that every advertisement - unique.
Our site is like a huge apartment building, where the daily rent of rental housing seems limitless. The apartments are for rent in different areas and at different prices. You just have to find a suitable option. After renting accommodation through our resource, the tenant is calm and confident that he settled in an apartment "in the image." After Svitrent Portal - where ads are accompanied by photos comments: furniture and equipment at a glance. Search daily rent does not bring any difficulties - most importantly, to know where to look there.

Dozens of temporary housing options for tourists

Rent an apartment quickly and easily, no matter whether you are an advanced user of the Internet - everyone can find their way.
For greater convenience and clarity, information about where you will live accompanied by photographs. On our site apartments from owners, really from the owners! Not from brokers or real estate agents who receive a salary for booking an apartment.
Our life is always filled with the free version, the prices are adequate, subjective, not too high, because there is no middleman. Rent a house, if necessary, can be for a day or for a longer period of time with the kids or yourself, not far from the center or on the outskirts. In any area of ​​the city, with a beautiful bundle.
Determine with the number of guests with renting online mode, everything happens according to your rules. The best for our guests! Save with us time and money. Amenities provided in each apartment. For the most capricious - luxury apartments with the most favorable views.